This is why I love animated films.
They seem simple but have deep meanings and life lessons.
As the new year has started, it’s great to go within and listen to our inner voice to find our true self.

God In All Things

moana-logo(Mild spoilers) Disney’s new animated film Moana presents the struggles of finding and living one’s True Self. Moana is a young girl in line to be chief of her island home, Motunui. It is an island that provides all they need. The bay provides fish, the island’s resources provide food and materials to build and create, and the people fulfil their ordained roles. The gods are providing for them abundantly and their happiness is there on the island. And Moana will help continue this pattern as the eventual new chief. This beauty and order in the opening scenes paints perfection. It might even be a reminder to us that God always provides abundantly. But for the Motunui people, the island has become a kind of false security, an attachment. They find no need to go beyond the reef that surrounds their home. “The island gives us what we need / And no one leaves,”…

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